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Q: How does Acupuncture work and What can be helped by Acupuncture?

** General health Issues** :

Chinese Medicine has developed 12 main organ channels + 2 extra channels according to body organs. Organ disharmonies will be manifestation on its corresponding channels. Chinese Diagnostic techniques will help Acupuncture to detect and target the responsible meridian channel in order to correct the issues that's manifestation (Signs & Symptoms).

e.g. "Emotional Anger could be the manifestation of Liver disharmony"

       " Emotional Sad could be the manifestation of Lung disharmony"


** Fertility treatment or IVF Assistance**

More scientific researches release and found Acupuncture can improve the fertility in both men and women. Acupuncture can improves the condition of uterus organ and hormone distribution. Acupuncture can also increases the success rates of IVF treatment by improving the functions of the ovaries and uterus.

** Pain Issues** 

TCM believes "Pain is attributed to the blockage of channel free flow" 

Acupuncture will help to unblock the channel and promote free flow of energy. Acupuncture releases pain by inserting fine needles into the area of blocked (energy blocked), this releases the energy allowing energy to flow and will ease the pain. 

** Emotional Issues ** 

Liver is the main organ involved with emotion Anger & Anxiety. Improper flow of Liver energy (Qi)  may cause Irritation, Anger (Excess condition in TCM). Long term Liver Qi blockage creates heat thus fueling anxiety. In TCM, Acupuncture is a very good technique to regulate Liver Energy, thus very good for calming anger & anxiety.       

** Inducing Labor**

In TCM, delay labor is caused by block of energy or mal-positioned of fetus. Therefore, Acupuncture can be used to induce labor as it moves the body's energy.

To help with labor, we will suggest pregnant women can start acupuncture session from week 36.

Acupuncture also can help with Mal-positioned fetus as it will push the body energy and help fetus to turn. 

Q: Does Acupuncture treatment have side effects?

~Side effects are rare, patients may occasionally experience ~

1. "Mild bruising" at the point of needle insertion. In Chinese Medicine, we believes bruise is a good reaction as the energy has been brought to superficial.

*** Please don't be panic, the bruise will be go away within 5-7 days***

2. Needle Shock: a feeling of faintness, slight nausea or cold sweating. This is more commonly happen in which patient is very nervous plus starving or extremely exhausted or fatigued. Needle shock can be disquieting to the patient but is not considered harmful. *** Eat something before having acupuncture treatment & Relaxing during the treatment are the best way to prevent needle shock. ***

Q: When shouldn't acupuncture be performed?
Acupuncture is contraindicated when:
1. Patients suffering with certain bleeding disorders or severe blood loss
2. Patients who have history collapsed due to fatigue and exhaustion.
3. Pregnancy - acupuncture is not recommended in 1st trimester (within 12 weeks).

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