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Acupuncture is Natural form of healing, Excellent for patient suffering from organ dis-harmonies issues, pain issues or emotional issues.   


Shoulder Pain treatment

Thin Needles are inserted into specific Acu-Points that help to release the tension of area and free flow of energy (unblock).   
 * Provides drug-free pain relief
 * Free flow the energy (unblock the channel)
 * Release the emotional tension 
 * Assists in the prevention against disease and illness
 * Promote & regulate the "hormonal" function
 * Musculo-skeletal problems: lower back pain, tennis elbow, sciatica etc. 
 * Menstruation (Period) problems: PMT, cramping pain, heavy bleed, depression etc. 
              (We Use disposable needles) 

1st Consultation + Treatment: $70

(Include: Consultation & Treatment)
Consultation involved: take case history, pulse & tongue reading, diagnosis & treatment plan. 
Treatment involved: Acupuncture, Cupping and Scrapping depends on patient's condition.)

Follow Up treatment: 
General Health Issues: $50 (Acupuncture)
Muscular - Skeletal or Muscle Pain issues: $65 (Acupuncture + Chinese Plaster may applied)
"Major Health Funds Rebate"

(main component of the Chinese Medicine)

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a composite of many natural herbs that has been used for thousand of years in Chinese Medicine. Chinese Herbs deal with health issues of every variety. From muscular: numbness, pain, weakness to general health: digestive concerns, women health issues, skin breakout, stress to emotional issues. Chinese herbs is also help to regulate the organ energy according to Chinese channel theory such as liver condition to post chemotherapy recovery.

Chinese medicine is Natural and E


1st Consultation: $70
(Include: General health consultation + pulse & tongue reading, diagnosis & treatment plan. ) 

Follow Up: $40 (Include: Consultation, Pulse & Tongue reading)

(Herbs & supplement are not included)

COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE (Facial Rejuvenation & Breast Enhancement)

facial_acup_112* Facial Rejuvenation is a brilliant treatment focused on repairing internal imbalances that manifest as fine lines, sagging skin, aging skin, puffiness, wrinkles, dark rings, acne and blemishes.  
* Facial Rejuvenation is an efficient treatment for facial energy blocks that manifest as Facial Palsy (Facial Nerves disorder) and Rhinitis (blocking nose, ears etc) 


Initial Cosmetic Acupuncture: 75 min $150
Involves: Health Consultation + Cosmetic Acupuncture + Body Acupuncture 

Intensive Treatment : 45 min $100
Involves: Focusing Cosmetic Acupuncture (Such as: focusing on jowl lift) + Body Acupuncture 
 ¤ 6 x Intensive Treatments Package - 10% off: $540 (Value $600) Saving $60
 ¤ 12 x Intensive Treatments Package - 15% off: $1020 (Value $1200) Saving $180
(Prepaid cosmetic package is valid for 10 months) 

10% off for Pensioner & Senior

"Major Health Funds Rebate"


 Ear Needle treatment for Smoking addiction

This is Suitable for symptoms such as depression, stress, insomnia, high blood pressure & emotional problems.

This is a popular treatment option for patient who wants to stop cigarette addiction or to control appetite for weight loss purpose.

 * Ear has it internal connection with body organs
 * Stimulate ear will help to regulate the hormone 
 * Alter the five-sense - benefits for addictive condition
 * Maintaining the efficacy of treatment (needles stays in ear)


1st Consultation + Ear Needles: $115
(Involves: Acupuncture Consultation + Treatment + Ear Needles)

Replace Ear Needles: $45 - 65

"Major Health Funds Rebate"



Cupping treat back pain


Gua Sha for Jet Lag 

Gua sha is commonly uses for external pathogen attack, especially summer heat attack or low grade fever. 

Cupping is ideally treatment for "large" muscle, tendon or fascia tension involved pain. such as back muscle, lower back, hip or calf muscles. As cupping is non-invasive treatment, therefore, cupping is great treatment for athlete in any varieties. Cupping can be used as monthly maintenance.  


Initial Consultation treatment: $70

Follow Up treatment: $40

   "Major Health Funds Rebate"

~~~~~~~~~Weight Loss Price list ~~~~~~~~~~

There are  4 types of treatments involves:
1. Body Acupuncture
2. Ear Acupuncture
3. Chinese Digestion Tea (Herbal Base)
4. Chinese Herbal Formulae
........Please See Weight Loss Section for more details.......
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"Major Health Funds Rebate"