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What Do We Do

We can help to improve your health through:
     ɤ Acupuncture
     ɤ Chinese Herbal Medicine
     ɤ Cosmetic & Body Acupuncture
     ɤ Diet & Lifestyle advice 

Our Treatment Process

There are  4 main steps in a Golden TCM treatment: 

1. Diagnosing the problem
Firstly, the practitioner will go through a detailed case history (consultation) with you. In addition to the case history the practitioner will use Chinese diagnosing skills such as "pulse checking" and "tongue observing".

2. Preparing for the treatment
After the consultation, the practitioner will leave the room and ask you to remove any clothing that may obstruct the treatment. Towels will be provided to ensure your privacy and comfort.

3. The treatment itself
The Practitioner will then return with a treatment strategy specifically designed for your individual condition. Your treatment strategy may also incorporate a variety of other techniques to ensure you are getting the best possible treatment. This techniques may includes Cupping, Scrapping & Moxibustion.

4. Your treatment plan
After the treatment, the practitioner will talk to you about what can happen after the treatment. An effective treatment usually require more than one treatment, we will discuss your best options and respect your right to decide on further action. 

Please tell us how you feel
If, at any time during the consultation, you do feel discomfort for any reason then pleae advise the practitioner. We are here to provide you with the best possible treatment and your feedback is very important to us. 

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