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evaweb8_532We are professional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with many years of experience committed to provide our patients with the highest standard of care.
We have a particular interest in general health check up, infertility (fertility), digestive problems, stress & emotional issues and muscular pain issues. 
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Acupuncture treatment is providing drugless  relief and can be help to treat a variety of conditions.
We are particular interest in working with paitent with women's health / fertility issues/ IVF issues, muscular pain (wry neck, shoulder back pain, sciatica, lower back or hip pain), stress & emotional issues , digestive concerns (IBS, bloating, constipation) and pre-labor care. 
                                   How does acupuncture work?
Chinese herbal medicine has a history dating back thousands of years in China. Today, Chinese herbal medicine and TCM has matured to become a natural & holistic system of primary health care in Asian. TCM is being used by people from a wide range of social backgrounds especially in Asian to effectively treat the chronic and acute health problems.
We have a particular interest in general health check up, cold/ flu/ cough, headache, low energy, high / low blood pressure, cholesterol, women health, poly-cystic ovaries, candida, infertility issues for man & women, stress related issues, acne/eczema, digestive conditions and menopausal syndrome.
                             What Chinese Herbs can help?


Facial rejuvenation Acupuncture is a natural way and may be a option for patient who want to reduce signs of aging naturally, fighting fine lines, wrinkles & sagging skin. May be a great alternative to Botox.

Acupuncture may be help to stimulating collagen production & unblocking energy pathways to the face , the skin will be nourished andbecome smoother and more lustrous.  It is a gentle & natural way alternative to Botox, collagen Injecting, dermabrasion and  surgery.



Life style and diet change accompanies with Acupuncture is inportant for patient who want to help with body Trim (tummy fat deposit)

Weight Loss Acupuncture may be used tackles the appearance of fat and cellulite with combination of Acupuncture & Moxa. Acupuncture treatment may be accelerate the circulation though the layers of skin to change in the volume of fat cells and temporarily disrupt  fat tissues, creating the fat burning actives & affect the reduction of fat accumulation. 



In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we believes "Prevention is better than cure" & "Food is resource of energy but it can turns into bad resource if eat incorrectly" Food has its own natural and properties, they can help body yet can destroy body health.

we educate our patients in dietary & life style needs, this will help our patients to achieve a balanced & healthier life. 

In our website, we are creating some recipes and simple ideas in how to use food to improve general health being. 

You are more than welcome to visit our website regularly to find out what is new to our recipes and little tips on how to use our food therapeutically.