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New lose weight method, decreases appetite and improves energy without pills, radical diets or starvation. A natural approach to weight loss designed to work with the bodies healing energy.


Have you been slowly putting on weight, feeling tired and lethargic? No motivation for exercise? Why not adopt a natural approach to increasing metabolism and improving health at the same time without the need for radical diets, meal replacements or pills.


New Method to fight with Weight

Less Pain & Better Result


Embed Acupuncture for Weight Loss & Fitness



Embed Acupuncture is by inserting the special acupuncturelines into specific meridian point. The lines will be absorbed by the body within 7-10 days.


Definition of Lose Weight in Chinese Medicine:

Losing weight healthily in Chinese Medicine is about against weight gain.

Weight Gain in Chinese medicine is caused by “phlegm and fluid” accumulating in the bodies and organs. “Phlegm and fluid” accumulation often attributed to poor functions of digestion organs, liver and kidney.

Poor digestion organs can’t digest (break down) food and absorb nutrient probably. This may interfere with the sensor of full feedback system and then leads to excessive appetite.

Moreover, due to the poor absorption, body can’t produce enough energy to transform the body phlegm and the phlegm then accumulated in the bodies and becomes the fat tissues.

Poor Liver function will cause excessive craving for sugar and emotional eating habit.

Poor Kidney function will cause excessive craving for salt and leads to fluid retention. Also, the poor kidney function may slow down the body metabolism.  


Concepts of this Embed Acupuncture:

  1. Stimulates the body immune system, increases the body temperature and body metabolism.
  2. Stimulates the breaking down of the Fatty tissues
  3. Stimulates the digestion, thus decrease the appetite.
  4. Regulates the body hormonal system
  5. Aims to lose weight

Difference between Body Acupuncture & Embed Acupuncture

Both Acupuncture and Embed Acupuncture: Helps to improve the digestion, body energy and increases body metabolism.

Body Acupuncture:

This method involves the insertion of thin needle into specific Meridian points. These needles will be stimulated during the treatment to evoke the channel functions. Needles will be retained in the body for about 10-20 minutes depending on the treatment type and the punctured site will be sore for 1-3 days depending on body’s energy.

Body acupuncture is able to help with weight loss, but at least 3 treatments per week are required. Due to the effects of acupuncture will only last for 3-4 days (weight loss purpose).


Embed Acupuncture:

Special Acupuncture lines are inserted into specific Meridian points. The Embed Acupuncture lines will stay in body for about 7-10 days and then absorbed by bodies.

l      The Lines will continuing stimulating the digestion organs and thus increases metabolism.

l      One treatment per week & the stimulation lasts for whole week.

l      Rarely side-effects

l      Less Pain to no pain

l      Able to do exercise, daily activity after the treatment.

Selection of the points is depending on the reason for gaining weight. The Embed Acupuncture can help to regulate the body system, increases metabolism and more effective in weight loss.


Weight loss program & treatments:

The treatment will combine body acupuncture & burying acupuncture during the treatment. For 1st 10kg, the patient needs to coming back weekly (depending on the weight as well).


For better result:

Depends on patient’s body health, Chinese herbal formula or Chinese digestion tea might be recommended to achieve the better result.


If you have a question on how to lose weight, why not have a consultation now? Try out the new approach in weight loss.  

Initial Consultation: $70 (without treatment)
Initial Consultation + Treatment:$120
Follow up treatment: $80 (body acupuncture + Embed acupuncture)


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