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Manage Cough Naturally with Chinese Herbal Medicine in Brisbane city (CBD)

Are you suffering from coughing? Tried all the cough remedies but that's not working? Can't fall in sleep due to cough?

Bother by Dry Cough, Bad cough, Chest (Chesty) cough and Night cough? Disturbed lifestyle with wheezing cough or non-stop cough? Nothing help to stop coughing? Why not adopted a natural approach to stops cough and increases your body energy (immunity).

Find out what causes your cough and stop it.

Cough mainly is caused by common cold or flu infection. In most of the cases, the cough will subside after common cold or flu healed.

In what circumstances the cough will continue?
1. Patient body immune is weaker than the cold / flu pathogens
2. When patient is taking Anti-biotic for the treatment of common cold / flu

Pathway of Cough with Common Cold / Flu in Chinese Medicine:
How does Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine help Cough?
Chinese Herbal Medicine is very good when dealing with cough.
Acupuncture won't be recommended. The aim of the treatment is to clear (dispel) the remaining pathogen from the body system and restore the lung function that has been brought down by the exterior pathogens.

How long is a course of treatment?
Depends on the patient's immune system and how far the pathogen has penetrated. In general speaking, the fast the patient receive the treatment, the better the prognosis. For example, if patient receive Chinese herbal treatment within 2 days of common cold / flu onset, 1 week of herbal formula will be enough.
However, if patient come in with 3 weeks to 3 months of coughing, it might require up to 4 weeks of Chinese herbal formula.
We will only provided 3-4 days of herbal formula per consultation when dealing with cough / common cold or flu, that means 2 consultations per week. This is because of the pathogen or immune in the body may change fast, and especially with the herbs that deal with the lung system are all strong, we need to keep on track the body condition carefully. However, we only charge 1 Chinese medicine consultation fee within a week, which means you donft have to pay twice for consultation / follow up in a week, we only charge for the herbal product.

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