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Acupuncture for Headaches in Brisbane City (CBD)

The Headaches that could be helped by Acupuncture are: 
Tension Headaches
Constant headaches
Mirgraine headaches
Headache hehind eyes
Neck pain headache
Stress Headaches
Sinus headaches

Treat Headaches with Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
Most people have experienced headache in their lifetime, but in some cases, the headache can become a nightmare to people because of its intensity and frequencies. The headache can affects your life, stop your activities and destroy your relationship.

Most people will take Pain-killer to stop the headache, its always work but for patient who suffers from strong headache, pain-killer doesnft seem to work or itfs only alleviated the headache for short period of time, and Headache comes back again. However, Liver doesnft seem to like pain-killer, THUS You need other treatment to overcome the headache.

So, You NEED to find out TURE Cause for Your HEADACHE!!!

What can be the cause of Headache?
1. Common cold / Flu
2. Stress related
3. Muscular issues (neck & shoulder tension)
4. Emotional related
5. Insomnia (Sleeping difficulties)
6. Cholesterol issues
7. Miscellaneous issues such as Brain tumor, Trauma, Stroke etc.

Can Acupuncture help Headache?
Yes, in majority of cases, the headache can be helped by Acupuncture, the result can be seen after 3 acupuncture treatments.

However, in some cases, when the acupuncture is not strong enough, Chinese herbal medicine will be prescribed to assist the body blood, energy circulation and alleviated headache.

Brief Understanding to Headache from Chinese Medicine perspective:


Caused by:

1. Common Cold/ Flu: present with throbbing, tight headache which covers whole head. Accompanies with symptoms such as sensitive to cold, fever, tension building around eyes, sneezing, cough, body aching or nauseous.

2. Brain tumor or Inter-cranial aneurysm bleeding: Present with dull, throbbing, accompanies with nausea, half side body paralysing or suddenly lost of consciousness. If this happen to You, must go to hospital for check up immediately.


Caused by:

1. Pre-menstruation Tension: Present with heavy or throbbing or sharp headache mainly in centre (middle) of head. The headache will accompanies with symptoms such as breast tenderness, nauseous, feeling cold, craving for sweet and emotion swings

2. after drinking: Present with throbbing, burning type of headache. This headache will always accompanies with symptoms such as pain & distending around eyes region, reflux, vomiting (nausea), angry, convulsion, blocked ear or strong mouth odor. In Chinese Medicine, we call this Liver inflammation (Liver heat blazing the brain function).


In chronic headache, we classed headache regarding to its regions; Frontal headache, temporal headache (Migraine) and occipital Headache.

Frontal Headache:
often attributed to poor eating habits, such as too many dairy products causing phlegm & mucus build up and blocked up (obstruct) the sinuses. This also happens to patient who suffers from hay-fever or sinusitis issues.
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment will help to clear the obstructed channel around the eyes & sinuses, which will increase the blood circulation and air flow into the sinus thus enhances the oxygen supply to the head and headache can be eased.

Migraine Headache(temporal headache): often attributed to stress causing emotional problems, such as anxiety or heavy work load which interfere with the Liver function. The headache present in one or both side of temporal, the headache can be throbbing, sharp and intermitted. The symptoms accompanies are worse by emotional swings especially anxious or angry, poor in concentration and worse in afternoon or troubling fall into sleep.
In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is responsible for Energy transport & Blood production. Once the Liver is overloaded, it will shut down and therefore the energy won't be transported properly and less blood will be produced. If not enough blood can fulfill the blood vessels, this creates too much space within the veins and arteries. In TCM we call this Wind, the property of Wind will go upward & obstruct the Liver & Gallbladder Channel. Liver & Gallbladder are partners and their channel run around the temporal side of the head, thus causing migraine which appears as an intermittent migraine headache.
Acupuncture treatment will settle down the Liver & help Liver function.

Occipital Headache (back headache) : this headache often attributed to neck, shoulder back tension causing restrict blood flow to head. The headache will present as tightness to the back of head, heavy and continuing dull, aching pain that got worse when neck and shoulder is in pain or tension. This type of headache can be anytime and also disturbing sleeping as well.
Acupuncture treatment will base on break the tension in the neck, shoulder and back, this will promote the blood flow back to the head, thus the headache will be eased.