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Headache Tea

"Headache" - Chinese Herbal Tea & Basic Acu-Point Massage Management
Chinese Herbal Tea & Basic Acu-Point Massage can helps to relief Migraine and Symptomatic Headache.

Most of people have experienced headache, for some people, headache can became a nightmare to them. They have to depends on Pain-Killer Medicine. Although the Headache can be eased easily after rest or sleeping, but the frequent onset of headache may brings up the pressure in the brain, which may leads to stroke, inter-cranial aneurysm bleeding, life threatening situation etc...  

In Chinese medicine, Headache can be classified into 3 groups, acute headache, symptomatic headache and chronic headache. 

"Acute headache" present with dull, throbbing, accompanies with nausea, half side body paralysing or suddenly lost of consciousness, this can be caused by brain tumor or inter-cranial aneurysm bleedingetc, must go to hospital for check up immediately. 

"Symptomatic headache" is mainly caused by common cold, fever, PMT and after drunk. This type headache can be eased when the factors gone.

"Chronic Headache" can be classified as: emotionally or unknown reason migraine. Chronic Headache:




 ɤ Cold Weather 
 ɤ More in Afternoon
 ɤ Stress
 ɤ + Neck & Shoulder stiffness
 ɤ More in Morning
 ɤ Depression

 ɤ Migraine
 ɤ Temporal Headache
 ɤ throbing, distention pain
 ɤ May onset with nausea and diarrhoea

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we focus on differentiation of Headache. Thus, Headache can be differentiate into "internal cause" and "external cause".

External Cause 

 Internal Cause

 ɤ Wind-Cold (Common Cold)
 ɤ Wind-Heat (Flu)
 ɤ Wind-Damp (Humid Weather)
 ɤ Liver-Yang (Stress, Insomnia)
 ɤ Phlegm-Damp
(Overweight, Smoker)
 ɤ Qi & Blood deficiency
(prolonged illness, overworked)
 ɤ Poor Blood Circulation

Causes Of Headache in Chinese Medicine:
 § External Cause headache: External Pathogenic factor attack body, block energy running to head, therefore causing blood and energy stagnation. 
 § Internal Cause headache: Caused by prolonged illness consumption of blood and energy, or caused by phlegm (Dampness) obstruction the body channels, thus become headache.

Headace - Acupuncture Point - DIY Massage:
1. TaiYang Point 
[Body Part] : Face
[Channels] : Extra Vessels
[Functions] : Expel Wind, Alleviates Pain, Clear Heat and Brighten Eyes.
[Indications] : Headache, Redness, Swelling and Pain of the Eye, Toothache, facial Pain.
[Location] : In the region of the temples, in the depression about one finger-breadth posterior to the midpoint between the lateral end of the eyebrow and the outer canthus. 
[Massage DIY] : 
1. (Manual): Pressing, Rubbing, Pushing outside
2. (Pressure & Rhythm) : Sit Still, using joing of Thumb to rubbing the Point, moving clockwise for approx. 10 Sec. Resting for 5 Sec.
3. (Repeat) : 5 minute each side and 2 times/ day (morning & night)

2. Bai Hui Point
[Body Part] : Top of Head
[Channels] : Du Vessels
[Functions] : Raising Yang - Treats Prolapse, Subdues Yang, Clears the Head, Calms the Shen (Spirit), Dispels Interior Wind.
[Indications] : Headache, Vertigo, Dizziness Coma, Apoplexy, Hemiplegia, Aphasia, Prolapse of rectum, Prolapse of Uterus, Manic Psychosis, Insomnia. 
[Location] : At Midpoint of the line connecting the apexes of the two auricles. (On top of Head, center of head). 
[Massage DIY] : 
1. (Manual): Pressing & Rubbing
2. (Pressure & Rhythm) : Make a fist (slight), using joint of thumb to rubbing the point for 10 Sec, resting for 5 Sec. 
3. (Repeat) : 5 minute each time and 2 times/ day (morning & night)

3. Tai Chong Point
[Body Part] : Feet 
[Channels] : Feet - Liver Channel
[Functions] : Sooth Liver, Regulates Liver Energy, Regulates Menstruation, Calms Shen (Spirit)
[Indications] : Headache, Vertigo, Swelling and pain of the eye, wry face, Depression, Pain in the hypochondrium, Abdominal distention, Hypertension, Irregular menstruation, Metrorrhagia and Epilepsy, Infantile convulsion.
[Massage DIY] : 
1. (Manual): Pressing & Rubbing
2. (Pressure & Rhythm) : Sit Still, Place right feet on top of left knee, using middle finger to pressing the point, rubbing from downwards(Toe) to upwards (Head), for 10 Sec, rest 5 Sec. Do same procedure on left feet.  
3. (Repeat) : 5 minute for each feet. Twice/ day (Morning & Night)

Chinese Herbal Tea For Headache
1. [Bai Zhi Ju Hwa Chai]
 § Ingredient: Bai Zhi, Ju Hwa, Hong Zao
Function: Regulates blood, Clear head, Relief stress, Distending Headache, Expel Wind and Stop Headache. 
 § Indication: Migraine, Stress type headache, Distending type headache. 

2. [Chuan Xiong Tien Ma Chai] 
§ Ingredient: Chuan Xiong, Tien Ma, Hong Zao
§ Function: Regulates blood, relief stress, Expel wind and Resolve Phlegm.
§ Indication: Headache, Vertigo, Migraine, Stress type headache. 
§ Caution: External Causes of Headache (common cold, flu etc)

[Chinese Medicine Notice]
1. Enough Sleeping, regular life style, go to bed before 11pm, at least 7 hours sleeping. (11pm-2am - time of liver)
2. Regular "gentle" exercise. *walking, speed walking
3. Avoid food that will activates Headache: Cigarette, Alcohol, Coffee, Cheese, Chocolate, Dairy Product.