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Wry Neck Acupuncture treatment in Brisbane City

Do you wake up with stiff neck? You find it hard to turn Head? Strong pain has stopped your activity?

neckpain3sStiff Neck
 (Wry neck)

Wry neck is used to describe a sudden stiff neck. Usually the person wakes up with a stiff neck and neck pain, although occasionally the neck may become stuck following a sudden movement. 

What may cause Wry neck in Chinese Medicine? 
1. External pathogens attack (Sudden onset)
2. Week body constitution (Frequent onset)
3. Poor blood circulation (Recurrent issues)

External pathogens attack: 
This is a common symptom that onset when season changes and patient sleeps with the window open. 
In Chinese Medicine, according to Yin(Cold) & Yang (Heat) theory, the body's protective energy in the morning is the weakest in a day, due to Yang energy just wake up too (changing from Yin). That's means, any forms of Cold or Wind pathogens that comes from out will block up body pores easily, especially to neck (the first area expose to outside in morning).  

Week body constitution: 
Wry neck is also caused by External pathogen attack. But person who has poor constitution means they have weaker immunity. They sweat easily due to the body has no energy to close the body pores. When their body pore is always open, the external pathogens are then easily to attack the channels and causing frequent unset of wry neck. 

Poor blood circulation: 
Wry neck symptoms in this group will manifest as stiff and sharp pain when turning head/ neck. Also, the pain & severity rate in this group will be higher than other 2 groups. Because the patient already has poor blood circulation, the tendons & muscle are always tight and tense. When they had external pathogens attacking, the blood circulation will be restricted, and locked up the muscles and tendons. Therefore, the manifestation would be "very painful" and sometimes with "Dizziness or Light Headed when turn Head/Neck"

Common symptoms to Wry Neck:
due to its involves with external pathogen attacks, therefore, the common cold symptom may exist as well
 Wake up with Stiff neck & Neck pain worse by movement
Neck temperature is cold and 
Common cold symptoms may accompanied (Sneezing, dislike cold, cold headache, body aching or better with warmth)

How many treatments are required? 
In acute condition, 1 to 2 treatments is enough for acute wry neck. 
For chronic condition, more than 4 treatments are required. Due to the aim of treatment in chronic condition is to build up energy and blood, therefore, requires  more treatments. 

Little Tip to ease Wry neck before treatment: 
If you can't receive treatment immediately and neck is very stiff and not able to move, something you could do to ease pain.
1. Prepare a warm - hot damp towel and put on to the stiff side, 
2. Use dryer with medium heat t0 blow dry the towel for about 3-5 minutes. 
3. Book in for treatment ASAP

Important notice: 
For patients who have stiff neck, must avoid tall pillow