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Period Pain

Natural Management for Period Pain by Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine in Brisbane City

It is NOT NORMAL to live with Period Pain, severe period pain may disturbed the normal life style.
Period pain is a WARNING sign for body!!
If you are taking Pills for Period PainorSkin Conditions, Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine are the Natural Choices for you to overcome these problems.
"Do not Ignore the Signal sent out by the body."

Acupuncture has a huge role to play in repairing the uterus & hormonal function for women. Acupuncture works by re-balancing the flow of energy (QI) and blood throughout the uterus & body.

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs can have benefits in term of period pain relieve by:

  • Warm the uterus and smooth the contraction of uterus
  • Improving the flowing of the period to reduce the retaining of the old blood in uterus
  • Regulating the hormones to reduce the symptoms from Pre-Menstruation syndrome
  • Improving the blood circulation inside uterus to reduce the formation of the blood clots (the major reason for the period pain)

How many treatments are required?
In Chinese Medicine, we believed the period pain is representing the abnormal functions of uterus or body organs (hormonal). Therefore, for treatment, we will treat the organs that involved and also the uterus. 1 treatment per week for 3 menstrual cycles is required. 

  1. For the 1st cycle we will have to clean the uterus to make sure there was no more old blood retaining in uterus.
  2. For the 2nd month, the treatment will base on body organs treatment (hormonal) and,
  3. For 3rd cycle, the treatment will base on ensure the good blood circulation & improve the energy in body organs and uterus.

Normally, by the 2nd cycle, the period pain should be eased or reduced.
Once patient has no period pain or has a very mild period pain, the treatment is completed.
For Maintenance,
we will suggest patient to receive 1 treatment per month. This treatment is aim to help with the blood circulation in uterus, ensure the old blood is gone, the new blood is produced. (Normally set this treatment on the 4th day of period) 

If I am suffering from PMS but not much period pain, will Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine help with this? 

Yes. Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine is able to help with Pre-menstrual syndrome.
More detail please refers: P-M-T Treament


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