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Postpartum Lying-In

Postpartum Lying-in
The postpartum Lying-in has been continuing applied for more than 4000 years. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we call this period is a "Golden Period of Change & Building". 
In western perspective, the hormone after labor is erratic, therefore, to regulate the hormone is very important, and the postpartum lying-in is based on this idea. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine believed: what does new mother need is not just a resting, but proper herbs diet recipes would help the new mother to get the body functions back to normal. 
Moreover, in traditional Chinese Society, continuing the generation is the most important believe to every family, therefore, Postpartum lying-in is very important to a postpartum women. 

What is postpartum lying in? 
The postpartum lying-in is a  custom to almost Asian families. the duration for this custom can be varied from 4 weeks, 40 days, 2 months or even to 100 days. however, 4 weeks is the most common one applied.  

In ancient traditional medicine books, it mentioned: during this period, postpartum women should:
 Avoid: lying on stomach, drink alcohol, shower, cold food, exposure to wind or exercising etc.....
Do: resting, under food recipes, sleeping etc......
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that infant has shared too much nutrient, blood and energy from pregnant women, and after delivered an infant, too much muscle exertion, sweating and loss of blood that causes women exhausted in energy, blood and immunity. Therefore, a good look after labor is very important to a women. 

During Postnatal, the body is very week, thus, improper life style would easily leads to illness.  

Purpose of Postpartum Lying-in
The main idea of postpartum lying-in is to help the organs, especially uterus to recover and replenish the body energy and blood through resting and proper eating habit. 

There's a believe in Chinese Medicine:

Although the postpartum lying-in couldn't treat the diseases, but it could change the body Constitution and Strengthening the body tendons and bones via the proper resting and nutrient diet.

Does Miscarrige women requires Postpartum lying -in?
Yes, but the duration of lying - in could be shorter, just takes about 2-3 weeks.
although the duration is shorter, but the concepts and diet are similar to postpartum women. 
 The benefit from lying-in?
1. Promote excretion of Placenta and dirt blood from uterus
2. Promote elimination of body fluid and enhance metabolism
3.Promote body recovery
4. strengthening body blood and energy
5. Moisten intestine & promote bowel movement
6. Decrease the chance of postnatal depression
6. promote lactation
7. Increase the infant's immunity (via breast feeding)

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