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Depression Management in Brisbane City 

Treatment for Depression and Anxiety disorders

Can  Acupuncture help with my depression? 

Yes, Acupuncture is an effective, safe and drug free treatment for depression. It can be used for a variety of depression disorders such as panic attack, anxiety disorder, post labor depression and generalized depression disorder. 

What causes depression? 

Depression or anxiety is a normal human emotion and it effects everyone at some point in their life. Most of people could handle with it and keep moving on. However, for some people, they are hanging with these emotions and not able to get out, then constant depressing and frequent anxiety is formed. 

Depression and anxiety may be caused by environmental factors, medical factors, brain chemistry, substance abuse or a combination of these. 

In Chinese Medicine, depression or anxiety may be caused by dysfunction of liver, Blood deficiency or heavy blood loss (such as labor or post labor, heavy period, prolonged diarrhea, or profuse sweating). 

How can Acupuncture help?

Acupuncture will relax the liver and increases the release of Endorphins which make you feel happy. 

If depression or anxiety is caused by blood deficiency or Heavy blood loss, Chinese Herbal Medicine will be prescribed to enhance the production of blood and relax the body. 


How many Acupuncture treatments are required?

In general speaking, most of the patient will feel the difference after the first treatment. However, depends on the severity of depression and anxiety condition and in order for body to achieve optimized status, Patient continuing with the treatment is necessary. 

** Massage also recommended if the emotion is caused by liver dysfunction that leads to muscle tension. 

How to maintain optimal status?

Nowadays, people are easily suffering from the stress. The stress may be from relationship, life style, work place or anywhere. Therefore, to ensure the free flow of body liver energy is important. 

At least 1 acupuncture treatment / month is suggesting to people whom suffer from mild stress.

At least 2 acupuncture treatment / month is suggesting to people whom suffer from mid pressure and stress.

At least 3 acupuncture treatment / month is suggesting for people whom suffer from high stress and life pressure.