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Weight Loss Treatment Price

 Weight Loss Acupuncture        

Points along digestion channels

Thin Acupuncture needles will be inserted into specific Acu-points that might increase the body metabolism and increases energy / blood circulation to reduce the fat.  
This is a Natural, Less Painful Method.


1st Weight Loss Consultation : $70 (No Acupuncture)

1st Weight Loss Consultation + Treatment: $120
(Include: Consultation & Treatment)

Consultation involved: take case history, pulse & tongue reading, diagnosis & treatment plan.
Treatment involved: Body Acupuncture + Dietary Advice)

Follow Up treatment: $60 (Include: Pulse & Tongue reading, feedback from last treatment, Body acupuncture)

Adding Chinese Herbal Medicine: $120 (Acupuncture + Chinese Herbal for 7 days) 
Adding Chinese Digestion Tea: $ 100 (Acupuncture + 7 Tea Bags)

Package treatment available:

Power Weight loss package
Acupuncture treatment + Chinese Herbal Tea + Chinese Herbal Medicine: 
$ 180 per week (Includes: 2 X Acupuncture treatments in a week)

Golden Max Weight Loss package: 
Acupuncture treatment + Chinese Herbal Tea + Chinese Herbal Medicine + Ear Acupuncture
$ 200 per week (Includes: 2 Acupuncture traetments in a week)

"Major Health Funds Rebate for Acupuncture"


Maybe suitable for symptoms like depression, stress, insomnia, high blood pressure & emotional problems.



Weight loss

This method is popular for people want to Lose Weight in Ascian.
Ear needle maybe help with weight by:
* Decrease Appetite
* Regulate the Hormone
* Maintaining the efficacy of treatment (Needles stays in Ear)
* Calm the emotion down, helping with cravings.


There are 2 types of Ear Needles for option:
Type One: Tiny pins are inserted into ear-points and stay for approx. 5 days (this type does create a little pain while inserting)

This style is suitable for people:
1. Have had ear needles before
2. Sweat easily
3. Want to stop smoking

Type Two: Special magnet are attached into ear-point and last for approx. 14 days. This type does not create any pain & it's non-invasive.
This style is suitable for people:
1. Have sensitive skin
2. Afraid of needles
3. Under Weight loss program


1st Consultation + Ear Needles: $115
(Involves: Acupuncture Consultation + Treatment + Ear Needles)

Replace Ear Needles: $45 - $50

"Major Health Funds Rebate" 

This maybe be helpful for patient whom:
1. Hormonal disorders or problems
2. Kidney weakness (Metabolism issues, Menopausal syndromes)


1st Consultation: $70(Include: General health consultation, + acupuncture treatment - optional)

Follow Up: $40 (Include: Consultation, Pulse & Tongue reading)

(Herbs & supplement are not included)

herbaltea3sThis is a very gentle formula that can be used to substitute with coffee or tea. 
Main function of tea is to:
* Assisting with digestion especially after meal. 
* Helping to digest the oil from the food intake. 

1. $40 / 1 week (7 bags)