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PAIN affects Lives, Change your Mood, Affect your Health & Destroy your Relations and Self Motivation

Pain may exist in any forms, from minor muscle aching to chronic ongoing agony. 
But Pain can not exist by itself. It could be the physical manifestation of some form of tissues trauma or dysfunction.
Even In Chinese Medicine, Emotional problems or Stress has greatly contributed to body aching (Especially, headache or neck / upper back pain).  neckpain2s

Want to Cut down Pain killers or anti-inflammatories & looking for long and efficient Pain Relief? 

Why not try Acupuncture!

~Because Acupuncture is Natural & No Drug involves~

Acupuncture would able to:
1. Relieve Pain
2. Reduce muscle spasms
3. Increase blood circulation to injured areas (muscle)
4. Maintain &/or increase range of motion to injured area (muscle)
5. Repair injured muscle tissues and
6. Smooth the emotions and stress

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we believes "Blocked Energy or Blocked Blood Flow creates pain". 
So the answer to relieve pain is: Break the blocked energy & Increases the blood circulation.

How does acupuncture work on Pain?

Acupuncture releases pain by inserting fine needles into the area of blocked site. This releases the energy and increases the blood circulation to the area, thus encourage the healing process and ease the pain.

What kind of pain can be helped by Acupuncture? 
Any kind of pain can be helped by acupuncture, for example: 
Acute Condition: Headache, Frozen Shoulder, Neck / Shoulder, low back spasm, Wry Neck etc, or
Chronic Condition: Migraine,  Tennis elbow,  Neck/ Shoulder tension, Back pain, Lower back pain, Sciatica, Knee issues, Spur Heel, Arthritis etc. 

How many treatments are required? 
In general condition, if the pain is
1. Acute: 2 treatments (once a week or twice a week) is necessary. 
2. Chronic: at least 4 treatments once a week are required. After 4 treatments, if the pain hasn't come back for whole one week, the treatment will then extend to once every 2 weeks for about 2 treatments. If the pain hasn't come back for whole 2 weeks, the treatment will then become one treatment every 3 weeks. If the pain has gone for 3 weeks, then 1 treatment every month is for maintenance purpose. 


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