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Weight Loss

Treatment Options for Weight Loss in Chinese Medicine
Natural & Healthy1. Body Acupuncture 
2. Ear Acupuncture
3. Chinese Herbal Formula
4. Chinese Digestion Tea (Herbal Base) 
(No western laxative added)


1.      Body Acupuncture
Body Acupuncture does help the body energy flowing and stimulates the body metabolism.  
The point selection is personalised, depends on what body need at the time.

The effectiveness of the Acupuncture always last about 3 days.
However, for patient whom wants to lose weight, 3 days of effectiveness is not long enough to achieve the result. Therefore, 2 acupuncture treatments per week is sometimes recommend in order to achieve the better result (result maybe varies due to diet or lifestyle).

Acupuncture maybe help to loss weight by: 
Acu-points that helps to increases the metabolism will be selected and accompanies with local points to help with digestion functions.

This method is suitable for patients who have:
1. Great appetite with low energy and limit with exercise.
2. Big belly with slimmer limbs (who always sitting down)
3. General Over weight.

2.      Ear Acupuncture
Continuing stimulate the body energy after patient complete acupuncture treatment.
There are 2 different choices for patient to choose:
l          Invasive Ear needles: Involving insertion of a very fine and thin needle to the ear points co-responding to the involved organs.  
l         Non-Invasive Ear needles: special metallic pieces that will be attach to ear points.
For both methods, they could be helpful in:
Firstly: increase the body temperature and thus enhances the body metabolism. 
Secondly: decreases the appetite and craving from the patient who has been eat too much or with incredible appetite.
3.      Chinese Herbal Formula
Herbal Formula maybe able to help with over-weight patients whom maybe involved with hormonal problems or poor water metabolism.

For patients whom:

** Suffering from fluid retention (edema), which they will get watery belly, enlarged foot especially in the late afternoon or night.
** Suffering from hormonal disorders: poly-cystic ovary, hypothyroidism etc...

** Suffering Kidney Weakness (Metabolism Issues, Drugs, Menopausal Syndromes)
** Stress or Depression related Symptoms (Cravings etc)  
4.    Chinese Digestion Tea (Herbal Base)
** Ideally for patients who have been eat too oily or large meals. 

** This is a very gentle formula that can be used to substitute with coffee or tea. 

Main function of tea is to:
* Assisting with digestion especially after meal.
* Helping to digest the oil / fat from the food intake