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Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine) has a huge role to play in improving woman's health.

Majority of women will experience Gynaecological problems. From mentally (emotional issues/ insomnia) to physically (Period pain or headache). These issues can be caused by imbalanced of body hormonal cycle. In Chinese Medicine, we believed the menstruation cycle has great role to express the hormonal status before the hormonal diseases appears (Hypo/Hyperthyroidism etc).
The hormonal imbalance can change your menstrual cycle, affect your health, destroy your relationship and stop you living your life to the full.

In another hand, the abnormal to menstrual cycle may leads to issues such as: Infertility, endometriosis, depression, PMT etc.

Definition of Normal Menstruation Cycle & Status:
1. Period Cycle: 28-30 days
2. No. of days of period flow: 5 days (3-7 days)
3. Period Flow: 50-80cc
4. Colour of Period:
pale red -> 1st day
red -> 2nd -3rd days
brownish or dark red -> last 1-2 days.
5. Quality: No blood clot, no smells and neither too thick or to watery bleed.

General gynaecological concerns regards to age:
Adolescent (12-18 years old): Irregular period
More than 18 years old:
Pre-menstrual tensions: headache, dizziness, diarrhea, breast tenderness
Endometriosis/ Fibroid / Heavy period

What can be helped by Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture: 
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Menstruation Issues:

 PMS - Headache

Menstrual Pain

Heavy Period

Gynecological Issues:




Fertility Issues:

Fertility Management Traditional Chinese Medicine

 IVF Assist by Acupuncture

Pregnant Related:

 Abnormal Fetal Position

Induce Labour with Acupuncture

 Post-partum Care

Hormonal Issues:

 Menopausal Syndrome

 Weight Gain

 Emotional problems


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